A New Home Business – Network Marketing

As the economy labors, many people are seeking out new ways to bolster their bank accounts. Opening a home business is one way that you can work in your spare time, increase your income, and eventually perhaps replace your current job. There is not much security in today’s job market, but there is security in adding more streams of income and taking the steps needed to ensure your family’s welfare.

A home business network marketing is the ideal answer. This is an incredibly lucrative industry and there is plenty of room for advancement. When you are running your own business, you are literally in control of your own success. This freedom allows business owners to dream as big as they want to. It may mean extra work at first, but the majority of those who start a new home business network marketing find that within a year they are able to quit their regular jobs and live the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.

A home business network marketing is very simple to set up. The start up costs are low and typically you do not need to worry about any inventory or having a large team of employees. The beauty is that all of these things are handled for you and you can conceivably run a million dollar business by yourself. Network marketing has become the answer for millions of entrepreneurs and it may be the right answer for you. No matter whether you are interested in health products, internet marketing or retail products, network marketing can help you achieve your financial goals, reduce your reliance on your paycheck and help you build your future the way you want it to be.

Best of all, home business network marketing doesn’t require any special skills. If you have a computer and the desire to make more money, you’ve got everything you need.

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Joining a Network Marketing MLM Home Business and Why You Will Most Likely Fail

I’m pretty sure the title of this article got you very interested to know why joining a network marketing MLM home business will ultimately lead you fail. Am I trying to say that this industry is corrupt? Of course not, I truly believe that MLM is one of the best industries out there for people to succeed but on the other hand the wrong type of people get involved with it. I’m going to tell you right now… network marketing is not for everyone. It is for people who are passionate that want make it happen no matter what.

Also, one of the reasons you will most likely fail would be because of listening to people who don’t really matter in your business life. Throughout my network marketing journey, I have spoke to many friends who have told me that what I was doing was stupid and that it was not worth my time at all. But when you look at the whole picture these people don’t really matter at all because they are not going to help grow your business so why would you ever take their opinion on the subject.

The reason why people will most likely talk negative about this industry is because they have heard about it or have been a part of it and have failed. Since they have failed, they point the finger at everyone else but themselves. But the truth is that it is their fault that they failed and they do not want to accept that.

This is a sure business killer so don’t take anyone’s negative opinions. If you accept someone’s opinion then you surely accept to live their lifestyle. Always remember that if you really think that you’re ready to join a network marketing MLM home business and you have the desire then by all means go for it!

But you want to make sure that you have everything working for you and stay positive because this will be important when you hit those not so friendly roadblocks. As long as you have a positive outlook every single day you’re going to get to where you need to be. It may not be easy and sometimes it may not even be fun but it is sure necessary when you start making the money that you truly want and begin building a lifelong residual income with this industry.

Alex Figliolia, Jr. Supports The Wounded Warriors Project

The Wounded Warriors Project is a non-profit organization that benefits injured U.S. veterans by helping them to recover and re-integrate into civilian life. It was founded in 2003 by John Melia, a wounded veteran who was injured while serving in Somalia in the early 1990s. He started out by filling backpacks with comfort items for patients at the Bethesda Naval Hospital and Walter Reed Medical Center. The program grew under the United Spinal Association of New York and became a stand-alone program in 2005. The program currently focuses its efforts on veterans who were injured in military action after September 11, 2001. It offers an array of programs that target the mind, the body, economic empowerment, and social engagement.


Not all wounds are visible; many veterans return from war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or other psychological problems resulting from their experiences and the difficulties of adjusting to civilian life. The Wounded Warriors Project offers peer-to-peer support programs, outdoor retreats, and professional counseling services to help veterans deal with mental health issues. The Combat Stress Recovery Program is a comprehensive program that seeks to support a veteran’s readjustment process by taking into consideration the warrior’s point of view.


The Wounded Warriors Project offers physical health and wellness programs that are designed to aid recovery and rehabilitation. These programs include adaptive sports, fitness training, nutrition support, and mind/body wellness activities. One of the featured programs in this category is Soldier Ride, a four-day cycling event that provides adaptive bicycles for any type of injury.

Economic Empowerment

Finding employment opportunities can be a challenge for injured veterans because they may have been out of the workforce for awhile and/or their injuries may prevent them from doing the work they were previously qualified to do. The Wounded Warriors Project helps veterans get training and support if they can move into a new line of work. The program also facilitates government benefit programs that can keep unemployed veterans financially stable.


The Wounded Warriors Project offers ongoing social support for veterans through alumni and family support groups along with advocacy on legislative issues. The Wounded Warriors Packs are gift-filled backpacks that communicate support to veterans in hospitals around the world. Alex Figliolia Jr. is a businessman and philanthropist who supports the Wounded Warriors Project in order to express appreciation for the sacrifices made by military service personnel.

Marketing – How Do You Know That Your Marketing Activities Are Successful?

When we market our services, we always expect that we’ll have hoards of new clients demanding to do business with us. While that’s a delightful fantasy, it’s very unlikely to happen. What can you expect to happen and how can you figure out why that is not happening. Here are some ideas about what you can expect of a successful marketing campaign to sell your services.

1. Interested prospects will have questions and want more information.

You’ll know that your marketing is successful when you’re getting interest and attention from prospects who need your services. They will have questions, and will request more information from you. Though they are far from sold, they now know that you provide the service they need, and you’re “on their radar”. If you are not getting interested prospects asking for more information, there’s a strong possibility that your marketing writing and website writing has not clearly delineated a target market and the specifics of their problems. Unless you target your marketing writing, there’s absolutely no reason why anyone would show interest. Look at this from their viewpoint. You have obviously not cared enough about the potential client’s needs or it would be obvious in your website writing.

2. Your target market will be introduced to your business and identify you as a potential service provider.

Among all possible candidates to provide the needed services, your business should come into sharp focus to your target market. Your business no longer seems to be one of many competitors for the prospect’s budget. The prospect has identified you as a serious contender. If you are not getting this reaction from your marketing activities, your marketing writing and website writing has not done a good enough job of laying out the benefits that your clients get. You want your target market to completely understand how their lives will benefit from working with you. You must demonstrate value through the words you use in your marketing materials.

3. You will end up in a series of situations where you must explain your business in a minute or so.

You can expect to need to be able to captivate the attention of your target market in fewer than 60 seconds. In order to have any possibility of selling your services, you must be prepared with an effective elevator speech (30-60 seconds) that “grabs” and holds, and provides an opportunity that lead to a more in-depth conversation. If you fumble and bumble when asked what your business does, you will appear to be an amateur. Prospects will cross you off their list of potential providers, and take their money and continue their search.

4. You’ll get calls, emails, or contacts from your website, with prospects asking to talk with you.

You’ll know that your marketing is successful when you are contacted by prospects wanting to speak to you about your services. They have read your marketing writing or website writing, and they are seriously interested. If you get these sorts of contacts, typically, it means that they have informed themselves about what your business does and are considering you as a provider. You are a contender for their business. If you are not having this happen, it means that your website writing and marketing writing have not given enough details about how your business works and how your services work. Prospects read what you have written and either don’t know enough to develop sincere interest, or aren’t excited about how you have described your business.

5. Your target market understands your business and knows how your services work.

When your marketing is successful, your target market feels that they understand your business and how it works. They feel well informed. They believe that they know enough to seriously consider working with you. They aren’t full of questions and concerns because your website writing and marketing writing have answered all that – as the prospect needs to know. They have a clear mental picture of what you do and don’t experience any major obstacles to working with you. If you are not having this result from your marketing activities, you must be sure that your description of your services is comprehensive and that your background information is compelling. Done correctly, your website writing and marketing writing demonstrates your competence, experience and training in such a way that prospects feel absolutely certain that you can deliver on the results they want.

If you don’t know how to recognize when your marketing activities are successful, you will be disappointed in your marketing results. You’ll have unrealistic expectations, and won’t recognize your real results. If you’re not experiencing these sorts of successes with your marketing activities, try incorporating these suggestions into your website writing and marketing writing.

Marketing – Aim For A Rich Target Market Where You Can Dominate

Selection of your target market is probably the most critical business decision you will make. Consider this choice carefully, and look for ways that you can position yourself and your business to dominate a rich market. For our purposes here, let’s define a rich market as one that is well-funded, has a crying need, and where you would have few competitors. Look for a market where you have some specialized combination of skills that uniquely qualifies your business to handle specific client needs. Because of this unique skill set, you have few or no competitors. The last part of the equation is that you address a crying need of a market who has both the money and the willingness to pay for services. They appreciate the value of what you provide and benefit richly from your services – and they are ready to buy NOW. Let’s look at some ideas for targeting such a market.

1. Look for a market that is made up of businesses or members who are already successful and thriving.

How can you add value? What can you offer them that would be guaranteed to boost their bottom line? Where do you see inefficiencies or bottlenecks in the way they operate? How can you tailor your services to that industry or group of individuals or businesses? Where do you have expertise that derives from previously working with this target market? What solutions can you create based on your deep knowledge of the problems they face?

2. Explore the advantages of specialized training.

Specialized training sometimes makes sense. Here are a few key factors to examine. How many local competitors will you have with that same specialized training? What is the demand for the specialized training? Will the training give you a distinct advantage over competitors? What is the investment of time and money required for the training and how long would it take to recoup those costs? Would the specialized training, combined with your own background, give you the unique and unbeatable combination of skills that would lead you to a dominant position in your market?

3. What crying need – that is not being addressed – do you observe in a market?

This is where your powers of observation can richly reward you. Every day, these opportunities are obvious to anyone who can “see”, but how often do we absorb this and stop and consider the possibilities? How many times have you thought, “Gee, they really need X”? Of those times, how many times have you written that idea down and did an in-depth exploration? Keep your powers of observation tuned in and follow up on these inspirations.

4. Be ahead of the trends.

Use those same observational skills to spot the trends that will drive market demand in the future. Figure out how you can fill these needs before anyone else does. Sure, there are likely to be copycats, but make your solution the best, most viable, and ultimately the only logical choice. Be ahead of the field, but be sure that your market will be able to understand your innovations.

5. Understand what your market needs and clearly communicate this to them.

Sometimes, your solution will address needs that your target market hasn’t yet even realized or acknowledged that they have. You must be able to communicate this to them in your marketing writing and website writing. You want them to recognize and own their situation and see you as the answer they only just realized that they need. Your marketing writing and website writing must be both sensitive and aware of potential client embarrassment. Be sure that the target market you choose is motivated to succeed and overcome any obstacles.

As you consider selecting a target market, aim for a rich one where you can dominate. There’s little point in choosing a market that is massively competitive where you won’t stand out as the obviously superior provider. Nor does it make a lot of business sense to target a struggling market. Position your business properly and use your marketing writing and website writing to dominate that rich market.